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How do I integrate Univa Grid Engine with Bright Cluster Manager?

For updated versions of Bright Cluster Manager version 7 and beyond, UGE is integrated with Bright Cluster Manager, and the procedure outlined in the workload manager section of the manual should be followed.

For older versions of Bright Cluster Manager, the following procedure may be followed:Prepare files and directories

Usually Univa Grid Engine (UGE) is distributed in two archives:

  • ge-<version>-bin-<arch>.tar.gz – platform dependent files
  • ge-<version>-common.tar.gz – platform independent files

All files and directories from those archives must be unpacked into /cm/shared/apps/sge/<univa-root>/, where <univa root> can be any directory.

In the following, we will assume <univa-root> is “univa” and the cell name is “default”.

The following directories must exist:

  • /cm/shared/apps/sge/var/cm - Bright Cluster Manager (BCM) utilities directory. This is installed during the installation of the sge package;
  • /cm/shared/apps/sge/univa - Univa Grid Engine root directory.

Disable SGE in BCM
$ wlm-setup -w sge -d

Modify link
$ rm -f /cm/shared/apps/sge/current
$ ln -s /cm/shared/apps/sge/univa /cm/shared/apps/sge/current

Do The Setup For UGE in BCM
$ wlm-setup -w sge -s

Restart sgeecexd on compute nodes
$ pexec service sgeexecd stop 
$ pexec service sgeexecd start

Make modulefile for Univa Grid Engine

  • $ cp /cm/shared/modulefiles/sge/<current installed SGE version> /cm/shared/modulefiles/sge/univa
  • sge_root and sge_arch can be modified in /cm/shared/modulefiles/sge/univa.
  • The default loaded modulefiles can be modified in ~/.bashrc, /etc/skel/.bashrc

Univa Grid Engine can be managed just like SGE in BCM (the chapter “Workload Management” of the Bright Cluster Manager Administrator Manual covers the basics of using SGE).

Updated on November 2, 2020

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