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How To Disable Port Detection

In order to disable port detection-based node identification, you will need to clear the ‘ethernetswitch’ setting of the node, category, or a group. For example, in cmsh, for a node:

 # cmsh 
 % device use <your-node-name> 
 % clear ethernetswitch 
 % commit

Or, for example for the default category, with the help of the foreach command:

# cmsh 
% device 
% foreach -c default (clear ethernetswitch); commit 

Then, you will need to set the ‘disableportdetection’ parameter to ‘yes’ for the switch under the device settings:

# cmsh 
% device use <your-switch-name> 
% set disableportdetection yes
% commit

Updated on May 17, 2022

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