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How do I install Bright OpenStack on VMWare ESXi?

This article is being updated. Please be aware the content herein, not limited to version numbers and slight syntax changes, may not match the output from the most recent versions of Bright. This notation will be removed when the content has been updated.

The following steps were tested for Bright OpenStack 7.3 running on VMWare ESXi 6.x.

1 – Deploy Bright Cluster Manager on ESXi

The procedure in https://kb.brightcomputing.com/knowledge-base/how-do-i-install-bright-under-vmware-esxi-5-x/ describes how to put Bright Cluster Manager onto  VMWare ESXi 5, and can also be used as a guide to putting Bright Cluster Manager onto VMWare ESXi 6, with a few changes.

After installing Bright Cluster Manager, the following steps are about preparing the VMWare-based cluster further so that OpenStack can be installed on it.

2 – Enable Hardware Virtualization in the Hypervisor Nodes

Choose the compute nodes that wil lbe used as OpenStack hypervisors. Then from the VMWare console, find the CPU settings for each of those nodes and enable “Hardware Virtualization” on them.

3 – Make sure the Network Nodes have an interface on the external network

Verify that the nodes which are going to be used as OpenStack Network Nodes have a network interface connected to the external network.

4 – Enable Promiscuous mode on the virtual switch in the external network

If promiscuous mode has not already been enabled on the external network’s virtual switch, then edit the settings of the external network’s Virtual Switch and enable “Promiscuous Mode”. This is necessary for North-south traffic (ie the traffic in and out of the cloud that uses Floating IPs) to work.

5 – Enable Promiscuous mode and Forged Transmits on virtual switch on the internal network

If promiscuous mode and forged transmits have not already been enabled on the internal network’s virtual switch, then edit the settings of the internal network’s Virtual Switch and enable “Promiscuous Mode” and “Forged Transmits”. This is necessary for all East-West traffic (between Virtual Machines in different hypervisors, ie within the cloud) to work.

6 – Install Bright OpenStack on the now-prepared VMWare system

Install Bright OpenStack as usual (see the Bright Cluster Manager OpenStack Deployment Manual).

Updated on December 9, 2020

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