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How do I enable cloudbursting for Amazon eu-central-1 region ?

This article describes how to overcome some problems with using this region, that stem from having an old python-boto package which cannot handle this newer region. Support for eu-central-1 has been added to the boto library with python-boto version 2.34.0. Unfortunately package repositories for operating systems like RHEL 7.0 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0) and CentOS 7.0 do not offer (at the time of this writing) python-boto 2.34.0 or higher.

The first step in solving this issue it to determine the version of your boto library. One way to do this is from the Python interpreter:

$ python
>>> import boto
>>> boto.Version

If it turns out you have version 2.34.0 or higher, the problem you are facing is something completely different and this article is not useful for you.

Next, check if your current boto library can just be updated via your package manager software. If this is possible and leads you to have boto version 2.34.0 or newer, you’re all done. Everything should work fine now.

In case you cannot update boto, we have developed patches for boto versions 2.25.0 and 2.32.1 (see attachments at the end of this article). Check that your current boto version is one of these two. For each version two files need to be patched, “auth.py” and “endpoints.json”.
To patch your boto find these two files in you directory tree. They usually are in “/usr/lib/python<version-number>/site-packages/boto/”. Move the two *.patch files in the directory where the files that need patching are. Then you just need to run the patch command for both *.patch files. Here is an example with all the mentioned steps assuming we want to patch version 2.32.1. You need root privileges for this:

$ sudo su
# cp boto-v2.32.1-patches.tar.gz /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/boto
# cd /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/boto
# tar xzf boto-v2.32.1-patches.tar.gz
# patch  < auth-v2.32.1.patch 
patching file auth.py
# patch  < endpoints-v2.32.1.patch 
patching file endpoints.json

If you do not use our patches and decide to fix the boto library yourself without updating it to version 2.34.0 or higher, the Bright Cluster Manager will still ignore this region under the assumption that boto is not able to handle it. In order to fix boto yourself and make Bright Cluster Manager not ignore eu-central-1 you need to set an advanced config flag: CloudEnableEUCentral1Region.
To set this flag open file /cm/local/apps/cmd/etc/cmd.conf for editing. Find the line containing: AdvancedConfig = { “property=value”, …}. Add to the list of properties “CloudEnableEUCentral1Region=1”. And restart the cmd service.

NOTE: The CloudEnableEUCentral1Region flag only forces Bright Cluster Manager to not ignore eu-central-1. You need to fix boto yourself, otherwise you will see eu-central-1 as one of the available regions but executing commands that refer to it will usually end in error messages.

Updated on October 27, 2020

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