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Is upgrading from version 5.2 to 6.0 possible by changing the download repositories?

This article is being updated. Please be aware the content herein, not limited to version numbers and slight syntax changes, may not match the output from the most recent versions of Bright. This notation will be removed when the content has been updated.


You can’t  upgrade directly from 5.2 to 6.0 because the APIs and CMDaemon database have changed significantly. Trying to do this would be pretty complicated and error prone, and is not supported.
The right way to do it is to install 6.0 on a clean system, then adjust the cluster to match the requirements.
The following is not supported. If you break things, you are on your own:

One thing you can do is to import the XML settings for CMDaemon from 5.2 to a 6.0 cluster with an xml-dump and see if that’s accepted. If not, then you have to dive in and fix things. If it is accepted, things should be ok.

(You can’t do a mysql dump and try carrying it over in the same way. That is complicated to attempt and is not supported.)

The steps for an xml-dump go like:

service cmd stop 
cmd -x <file.xml> 
scp file.xml sowhere:safe

(reinstall machine with 6.0) 
(you will end up with a basic 6.0 installation here) 

service cmd stop 
cmd -i file.xml # imports almost all old settings (main exception is the 
                # workload setup for which you need to run wlm-setup again) 
service cmd start

During the cmd -i you may get some warnings that require some tweaking in the xml file.

The above is the basic procedure. A pragmatic alternative by a sensible sysadmin is to not overwrite your existing 5.2 cluster. Instead, install Bright 6.0 in parallel with it (on another head node). Then bring up the 6.0 head node and re-import the XML configuration. If everything is working as expected (nodes boot) you’re good to go. If not, you can copy the required files from your 5.2 head node.

Updated on October 28, 2020

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