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How do I change the default port CMDaemon uses?

CMDaemon by default uses these pair of ports:

8080 and

8081 (for SSL).

To change these ports to other ones, for example:

8084 and

8085 (SSL):

  1. Stop CMDaemon on the headnodes and the nodes:
    service cmd stop
  2. Edit the head node’s configuration in /cm/local/apps/cmd/etc/cmd.conf
    Port = 8084
    SSLPort = 8085
  3. Edit each image’s configuration /cm/images/<image>/cm/local/apps/cmd/etc/cmd.conf
    Port = 8084
    SSLPort = 8085
  4. Edit the /cm/node-installer/scripts/node-installer.conf configuration
    Port = 8085
  5. Modify the shorewall rules to allow access to port 8085 in the /etc/shorewall/rules file, in the section:
    # -- Allow cluster management traffic from Cluster Manager technical support network to master
    ACCEPT   net            fw              tcp     8085

    After performing these changes and restarting CMDaemon, as well as rebooting the nodes, the BrightView GUI will be available on Port 8085. https://master:8085/bright-view for example.

Note: Upon changing the cmdaemon SSL port from 8081, the entries of the port 8081 in the /var/www/html/index.php (on head nodes with Bright v9.0 and older) or /var/www/html/constants.php (on head nodes with Bright v9.1 and newer) files on the head node(s) should also be updated accordingly.  

Updated on April 28, 2023

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