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Can I re-export a mounted NFS?

I want to rexport my NFS share. Can I do that?

Short answer


Long answer

You can, but it is a really bad idea, so Bright Cluster Manager doesn’t support it.

A limitation within kernel NFS code limits the re-exporting of a mounted NFS share.

Re-exporting an NFS share can result in lock contention: when the NFS client re-exporting the share and the NFS server exporting the original share attempt to lock the same files, lock contention can occur. If the nolock option is set, then locking is disabled and the NFS client re-exporting and the NFS server can write over each other, resulting in significant data corruption. Some of those locks are hard to predict.

Re-exporting will also not work for newer filesystems with no concept of a root directory.

Updated on May 20, 2020

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